Cut to Length Line

Cut To Length Line

Cut To Length Line

WNS AUTO CUT-TO-LENGTH LINE Model CTL-1500 with its complete automated operation, drastically reduces material wastage, cuts labour cost and increase production .

This production line is designed for medium and small shops which want to produce accurate straight pieces of sheets from Coil stock.

Smartly designed Beading & Straightening station is easy to handle and produce very precision sheet movement. The standard beading head provides 5 Nos. U shaped beads. The Head is powered by AC Servo Motor for very precision movement of sheet metal.

The Shearing station is a compact design with an hydraulic operated upwards shear. The clamp beam is operated by two hydraulic cylinders.

WNS Model CTL-1500 Machine uses standard PLC based control system. Sheet metal movement is controlled by AC Servo Motor for high precision accuracy and power.

The control system is housed in a standalone cabinet. PC with a standard 20” LED monitor makes it so easy for any maintenance and repairs/ replacement anywhere in the world, as compared to touch screen HMI.

It has user friendly, Menu driven system for order preparation/Data Input with on screen display of machine status, selected order parameters, quantity completed, error messages etc.

Like our others machine, this is also a first quality machine that would give long lifetime.