Slitting Machine

Slitting Machine 700 x 400 new


WNS Slitter Machine Model SM 18 is sturdy 24 inch throat slitters with quick adjusting back gauge and scale. With minimal set-up, Our slitter can be put into immediate production.

You can use this machine for slitting Sheet metals upto 20g / 1.0mm (G.I).

You can make strips from this slitter and use it for S & C cleat forming, TDF Cleat Forming etc.

These machine can slit 8ft X 4ft sheet into two i.e. 8ft x 2ft provide you use proper table to rest the 8ft x 4ft sheet.


Capacity : 20g / 1.0mm on G.I.

Throat depth : 24” (609.6mm)

Motor : 1 HP

Minimum Slitting width : 1” (25.4mm)

Maximum Slitting Width : 24” (609.6mm)

Dimensions : H 47” x W 40” x L 45”

Weight : 250kgs Approx.