Spiral Tubeformer

Spiral Tubeformer

SBKJ Spiral Tubeformer

SBKJ Spiral Tubeformer

Spiral Tubeformer

A Tubeformer is a spiral duct machine that produces straight round spiral ducts and is mostly applied in the HVAC industry, but also in mining, jacketing, and voidforming sectors.

SPTF 1500 uses steel bands instead of fixed diameter moulds. Different lengths of steel band determine the diameter of spiral tube.

This machine is manufactured by SBKJ China

Dia. Range:      Dia 80 to 1500 mm

Thickness:        0.4 to 1.2 mm (G. I.)   /   0.4 to 0.8 mm (Stainless Steel)

Matl. Width:    Standard 137 mm

Strip Speed:     1 to 38 meter / min

Lockseam:        On outside the tube

Power:               Main Motor 5.5 KW   /   Cutting Motor 4 KW

Cutting:             Saw Blade Cutting

Weight:              1710 Kgs Approx.

Dimension:       3400 x 2070 x 2720 mm